Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you so much @lesliesbookblog for the nomination! I’m so honored! If you haven’t followed her yet, definitely give her one, and check out her gorgeous instagram too. That’s how we first met.


– Thank the person who nominated you.
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1.) Do you like going into books completely blind or do you prefer having an idea or a sense of understanding of what you’re about to read?

I tend to like to know what I’m reading because then I would know if it fit my preference at the moment. I’m a strong believer that our perspectives and opinions of books are affected by how we feel at the time of reading. So, if I want to read a mystery because I’m feeling kind of dark and gritty, I’ll pick one off the shelf and read that instead of forcing myself to read a new release of some book.

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Thursday Tracks: I’m so indie.

Thursday Tracks is a weekly meme hosted by Gone With The Words. For the meme, we feature our latest musical obsession. We can also tie it in for a book as well.

I’m a self-described hipster. I listen to indie music and complain when the songs I’ve heard last year get radio time this year. It’s annoying to my friends but i’m just kidding around most of the time.


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Top 4 fictional boyfriends/husbands

I know guys! It’s not Tuesday and I’m late to post but please forgive me! It’s my first Top 10 tuesdays anyways and I’m so excited about it.

Top 10 Tuesdays is hosted by BrokeandBookish

Topic: Freebie!

Since this week was a freebie, I decided to compile a list of top 10 fictional boyfriends/husbands for you to fall in love with but after thinking about it, I’m extremely picky with my choices so I didn’t even have 10 in the end.

But who cares as long as the fictional boyfriends/husbands are absolutely perfect right???

Read on for my faves πŸ˜€

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What Are You Reading Mondays

I found a new meme for my small batch of followers to try out themselves! Basically, “what are you reading mondays” is a place for you to tell your followers what you’re reading–maybe introduce them to a new book–and in return, they do the same.


  • Make a post regarding what you’re currently reading
  • Post the rules so everyone can participate

I’m currently reading …

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