I Have an Odd Reading Problem


chatting with remarakablylisaObviously, I’m a reader.

I have a blog filled with majority of book reviews and promos. My instagram is dedicated to photos of books. And for the past month, I’ve spent 3 hours each week taking photos of books and I’ve read over 20 books for the month of February.

Reading is a hobby. For some, reading is taken more seriously. I remember for the past two or three years since starting the Goodreads Reading Challenge that it wasn’t just a challenge to read a certain amount of books each year but how many books I can read to surpass my personal goal. Then it went to being competitive against myself and beating my personal best.

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BOOK TALK: Why You Should Stop Reading

Traveling in London (4)

I know.

When you first read the title, you were probably going “WHAT?!”

“What do you mean I should stop reading? Aren’t you a book blogger? Shouldn’t you be encouraging me to read the next book on my tower high TBR?”

While I technically am supposed to encourage my readers to read MORE and find MORE books to read and fall in love with, it’s important to give yourself a break.

Image result for goblin drama gifs

Sometimes, you might not even want to stop. You have another book on your mind as soon as you finish the one in your hands or you have an ARC that’s about to be released so now you feel the pressure of that release date. However, should you really read more?

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BOOK TALK: Are you too honest with reviews?

As readers, we should understand at this point that book reviews absolutely mean everything to new authors and generally, all authors. Without reviews, authors will not be able to spread the good news of their books they worked so hard on and receive the pretty pay check they are essentially working for.

As an ARC reviewer and a book reviewer of many books printed by Indie authors and New York Times Bestsellers, I know that my reviews are straight from the heart with sometimes very few censors. I swear. A lot. I get excited. Many times. And yes, I get angry and disappointed and frustrated a lot too.

I believe I’m being fair with most reviews, expressing my concerns with characters and their development, advancement in plot, and overall the story itself. I even add in my reviews a recommendation to my readers to let them know the bottom line. Should you pay for the book or should you pass it up.

Often, I find myself being lenient with authors. I suggest to read other books prior to the one I’m reviewing if I didn’t really like it or I suggest my readers to read the books after some others.

Like I said before, I work with a lot of indie authors now. These authors are self-published or just starting their careers as writers, promoting their first published novels through big influencers so that their work they worked so hard on won’t go unnoticed. My reviews alongside with everyone else’s on Goodreads and Amazon will help promote the novel as well as take them down a notch. And because authors understand this concept, there’s a lot of things happening right now with review culture.

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FLASH BOOK REVIEW: Lip Service by Jessa James


Title: Lip Service
Author: Jessa James
Publication: January 13th 2017
Pages: 98 pages

She’s mine. I want her. I need her and I’m tired of waiting.

He’s all I think about but I can’t wait for him any longer. Tonight’s the night. I’m punching my V-card. 

I might be a f#cking saint waiting for her to be ready for what I want to give her. When I overhear she’s going to ditch her virginity with some random bar guy, I decide she’s not giving those soft curves and luscious mouth to anyone else.

After tonight, she’ll never doubt who she belongs to again. And when she’s screaming my name, she’ll realize I’m prepared to give her a hell of a lot more than just LIP SERVICE. I want forever.

Lip Service is a stand-alone, fast read with a HEA and NO cheating! If you like dirty bad boys who know exactly what they want, insta-luv so hot it will melt your panties, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After – one-click now!


I am seriously loving Jessa James and her books. This one was a very good one and to be honest, I had my doubts. We have another heroine who wants to lose her virginity and a dominating man that will fight tooth and nail to have that place secured as his.

We see the inner conflict, Emma has with losing her virginity to not just a stranger but also to someone more familiar…like her boss, Carter. Someone she’s nervous about because she’s not sure if she can sex without emotions with Carter since she’s already in love with him from the start!

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TEASER: I DO(n’t) by Leddy Harper

I DO(n’t) by Leddy Harper is releasing August 10, 2017!

I dont Teaser Always There

Add to your TBR – http://bit.ly/2thr3NS

I fell in love with Holden York when I was six years old.

Most of my youth came with spiral notebooks filled with doodles, wedding plans, and “Janelle York” looped in bubbly handwriting.

However, one night in Vegas changed everything.

I woke up to more than just a fantasy of my brother’s best friend.

Five years later, I’m standing on his doorstep confronting him about the secret he kept from me.

If you think this is the story of how we rode off into the sunset together…
You’re so wrong.

But if you think this is the story of how Holden blackmailed me into living with him…
You couldn’t be more right.



King of Code, an all-new intriguing and sexy standalone from CD Reiss is coming September 18th!

From New York Times Bestselling author, CD Reiss, comes a sexy tale of secrets, intrigue, betrayal, and a love worth crossing a continent for.

Taylor Harden is a man on the edge.

The edge of fame. The edge of untold wealth.

The edge of utter humiliation.

He built an unhackable system, and in front of everyone, it’s hacked.

His reputation goes from king to goat in a split second. Boom. Like that.

Some dude in Barrington, USA (AKA Nowhere) has locked down Taylor’s code, and if he doesn’t get it back, he’s going to be wearing a monkey suit for the rest of his life.

Except, this guy? This hacker from Nowhere? He’s not a guy.

Harper Watson’s all woman. And she has a plan for Taylor, his code, and his body.

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BOOK REVIEW: Wrecked by JB Salsbury




Title: Wrecked
Author: JB Salsbury
Publication: July 18th 2017
Pages: 352 pages

Wrecked is the new standalone novel of deliciously dark, deeply emotional contemporary romance from J.B. Salsbury, the New York Times bestselling author of Split and The Fighting Series.

When you can’t trust yourself, how can you ask anyone else to?

It’s been months since Aden Colt left the Army, and still the memories haunt him. When he moved into a boat off the California coast, he thought he’d found the perfect place to escape life.

Then Sawyer shows up, and turns his simple life upside down.

Beautiful and sophisticated, she seems out of place in this laidback beach town. Something is pushing her to experience everything she can—including Aden. But as much as he wants her, starting a relationship with Sawyer puts them both at risk.

For Aden, the past doesn’t stay there; it shows up unexpectedly, uncontrollably, and doesn’t care whose life it wrecks.

Image result for wrecked jb salsbury


I was provided an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

To start off, I just want to say that when I requested for this book and when I actually received it, I kind of put it off. I just didn’t like how heavy it looked and the synopsis made it sound like there was going to be a lot of thick drama that I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle. I like my light contemporaries, thank you.

However, while Wrecked does have its moments, for the most part, the book was as light as a contemporary romantic comedy. Our war veteran and resident hero, Aden Colt, is a charming character that brought that light touch. He’s funny, flirty, and fierce. But we’ll talk more about him later. The romance inside this novel was light and free until it developed more over time so if you’re like me, don’t worry too much about “drama.”


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TEASER: Seducing Lola by Jessica Prince

Seducing Lola, an all-new romantic standalone from Jessica Prince is coming July 18th!!

thumbnail_July 12th teaser


I’ve had my fair share of bad relationships. I’ve dated liars, cheaters, shoe fetishists, and everything in between. Sure, these experiences would make any woman cynical when it comes to dipping her toe back into the dating pool, but I used my past for good and made a career out of helping other women avoid going down the same paths I had.


And I was damn good at it.


Until a random act of fate set my life on a course I’d been avoiding for years, and put me in the crosshairs of a man that made me feel things I swore to never feel again.

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TEASER: Twisted Twosome by Meghan Quinn

Check out this teaser for TWISTED TWOSOME by Meghan Quinn!





NA Romantic Comedy


Racer McKay is a broody bastard.

From the moment I met him, he’s been rude, irritable, and unbearable.

A contractor working to remodel my parents pool house for extra cash, he stomps around in those clunky construction boots with his tool belt wrapped around his narrow waist, and a chip on his shoulder.

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Book Review: Spoil Me, Daddy by Jessa James


Title: Spoil Me, Daddy
Author: Jessa James
Publication: June 29th 2017
Pages: 70

Maybe it’s crazy. Maybe it’s wrong. But don’t care. I need him.
I’m eighteen now, old enough to know what I want. And I want him to be the one, the one to claim my virginity. He might be older, and I might be just his niece’s babysitter, but that isn’t going to stop me from ogling every perfect inch of him. It isn’t going to stop me from taunting him, teasing him until he gives in, until he stops holding back, until I’m close enough to whisper in his ear…Spoil me, Daddy.

This is a stand-alone, fast read with a HEA and NO cheating! If you like naughty bad boys who know exactly what they want, insta-luv so hot it will melt your panties, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After – one-click now!


This is my first Jessa James book and I have a strong feeling that it will not be my last. Jessa James has blown me out of the water for turning me into a fan after the first few pages. I’ll explain.

Firstly, we started off the book with a strong attraction to the opposite sex. Gabe, our hero, can’t get his eyes off of Mary’s tits for the first three pages of the story. Like seriously, Gabe constantly keeps looking and thinking about Mary’s tits, and then he becomes hard and keeps talking about his dick. At this point, I’m already thinking ‘oh boy. What am I reading today?’ Don’t get me wrong. I know that this is going to be a no fuss erotica but seriously? Three pages?

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