Book Review: Under the Scars by Isabella Morgan


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Title: Under the Scars
Author: Isabella Morgan
Publication: August 15th 2019

Four years ago, when I left him in the dust as my car sped away, I thought I’d never have to see Nick Andrews again.

That is, until I was called to my mother’s deathbed to say goodbye.

I wasn’t ready to lose her. I wasn’t ready for the man who broke my heart to tell me my mother had cancer, that she only had days left to live.

Seeing Nick after all this time—hot as ever and completely off limits—ripped open the scars he’d left four years ago. The pain. The heartache. With our complicated past, I wasn’t sure I could let him in again.

How can you love someone after they shatter your heart and leave it strewn all over the ground, only to want to do it all over again?

I thought when she left me in the dust four years ago, I wouldn’t see Violet Moore again.

That is, until she came home to her sick mother—my patient—who only had days left to live.

I was the one who took care of people when they needed it the most, but here I was struggling to keep my heart rate down watching Violet lose everything that mattered to her most.

And I was one of them.

But I wouldn’t let her lose me again. With our complicated past not yet settled in the ground, I was going to do anything it took to have her back again.

Even if it meant opening old wounds.
Because there was still a fire.
Under The Scars



My rating: 3/5 stars

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review.

Full disclaimer ahead that I consider Isabella Morgan a friend so when she asked me if I could read and review her book, I was game to see what she had in store for me. I was pleasantly surprised by Isabella’s writing style, character creation and development, and the overall pacing of the novel. It was a good solid debut in my personal opinion. The only reason why I state she’s my friend is because this rating and review are without bias and completely truthful.

I walked into the novel without reading the synopsis because that’s usually how I tend to read my romances. I don’t like being ‘spoiled’ by the plot itself and allow the writing to take me on the journey the author has written me. Under the Scars tells the story of two young lovers who fell in love one summer and driven apart from situations that put them between a rock and a hard place. Violet and Nick were once deeply in love. Despite their age differences, they managed to fall for each other in a quick amount of time. It begins with the mystery of their breakup but quickly shifts to Violet’s family troubles. She clearly has issues with her father as they do not get along very well. Driven by unfortunate circumstances, Violet returns home only to find out Nick lives near her and works close to her. She faces her problems head on, dealing with loss and grief, and admitting to her past.

I thought the story was captivating enough for me to keep reading. I wanted to know what happened to Nick, a resident doctor, and Violet, a photographer, and the underlying stories of Violet’s mom and her odd relationship to Nick’s mentor. This is definitely a story filled with emotion and angst as depicted by the cover and synopsis. You are getting what you paid for. A romance that will surely leave you tearing up in a lot of parts.

The reason why I didn’t give this book a 5/5 stars is because of my personal preference to how stories play out towards the end. I tend to not extend my belief too often so if a lot of events happen one right after the other, I’m drawn away from the story and no longer connecting with the characters. So with that being said, it’s really just me. It could be very different for yourself if you’re typically okay with stories that are pact full of actions and events.


Definitely check this one out if you want a fairly short intense romantic read!

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