Book Review: Always You by Denise Grover Swank



Title: Always You
Author: Denise Grover Swank
Publication: November 28th 2017
Pages: 352

First love is better the second time around.

Matt Osborn had no idea coaching his five-year-old nephew’s soccer team would get him so much attention from the mothers-attention he doesn’t want now that he’s given up on love and having a family of his own. Yep, Matt’s the last of his bachelor buddies, and plans on staying that way. That is, until he finds himself face-to-face with the woman who broke his heart.

Single mom Anna paused her life in England to help her father recover from an illness. She can’t afford complications, and too-hot-for-his-own-good Matt Osborn-her almost former fiancé-is definitely a complication. He’s a reminder of what might have been-or should have been. That irresistible pull between them isn’t over. Not even close. But if she’s not careful, she’ll break both their hearts . . . again.


I was provided an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This is my second book from Denise Grover Swank and it honestly was not a disappointment. I love second chance romances especially an emotional one like what college sweethearts Anna and Matt went through. Matt always knew Anna was the one. He fell completely head over heels for her when he first met her and knew his heart would forever be hers whether he wanted it to be true or not. It pained me to read how these two lovebirds fell apart. Anna was too young, too scared, and too weak to get locked down in a marriage when Matt popped the question. She said she accepted a job in London, England, and didn’t want kids or want to stay in the small town she grew up in. It completely shattered Matt when he heard all this.

Fall is here! (1)

It’s been years since they last saw each other so imagine the awkwardness when Anna’s son’s soccer coach turns out to be the one man she never stopped loving.

I loved reading this couples story because I saw how Matt developed as their story progressed. He was angry and felt horribly wronged. Here he thought that Anna never wanted to get married nor have children but here is she with a son and divorce papers in tow. Did she not just want children with him? Did she not just want to marry him? It made me horribly sad to read the doubt Matt had in himself when he considered all these factors when Anna reappeared in his life. And it only makes sense for him to be bitter about it but he never once took it out on Anna’s young son because he’s a good man. Matt was possibly one of the best good guys I ever read. He didn’t hold grudges on people who didn’t deserve it, he listened, and he forgave. He also apologized to Anna for all the grief she went through. I loved Matt as a character.

I also felt horrible for Anna. She was trapped in an unloving marriage with a man who didn’t support her financially nor emotionally and slept around with half the city of London. Anna deserved so much better. But she was strong. She juggled her career and took care and raised a beautiful young boy all by herself. I teared up when I saw her armor crack and break down chunk by chunk. Sometimes life gets really hard for single parents and Anna was no different.

The book was also filled with a healthy dose of entertaining drama. Anna was trapped by her malicious ex-husband and she couldn’t risk breaking Matt’s heart again when eventually she did have to return back to London to her job and her life. I also hated and loved the scenes involving Anna and her father. Her father was a grumpy old man who took it out on Anna for living a stunning life in London. I hated how grouchy he was but after spending some time with his grandchild, he turned into the softest man of life! I loved this family. I loved these characters.


Read this touching story that made me cry.


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