BOOK REVIEW: Saving the Sheriff by Kadie Scott

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Title: Saving the Sheriff
Author: Kadie Scott
Publication: January 23rd 2018
Pages: 206

There’s a storm brewing…

The day his wife died, Sheriff Cash Hill discovered she was leaving him for another man, one she’d loved since before their marriage. How could the single dad ever trust another woman again? But when Georgia’s best friend, Holly, comes back to town, something about Holly’s sweet, sassy vulnerability has his protective instincts kicking in hard.

Holly Jensen left La Colina, Texas with regrets. She’s returned home to work as the new large animal vet and to watch over her best friend’s daughter. But Holly’s knowledge of Georgia’s past could rip a family apart. And she’s reluctant to go to the sexy…and single…sheriff, as he’s made it clear he wants nothing to do with her.

Both are faced with a choice…stay locked in the past or allow their reservations to be silenced by a passion hotter than Texas summer nights. Can they learn to trust their own hearts and each other?


I was provided an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Wow. Where do I start with Kadie’s newest contemporary release?

Saving the Sheriff is a lot different from the romantic comedies I’ve been reviewing from her and published by Entangled Romance. It’s a small town romance for one. It involves a lot of delicious drama and heartache that made me burst into tears from what the characters say to each other in the heat of the moment. And it’s really well written. I just love Kadie’s writing style. It’s not poetic and whimsical, filled with similes and metaphors but she has the ability to express what characters feel and think in the most accurate and beautiful way.

A little back story is that Cash, a single father, has been through a lot. A one-night-stand suddenly turned into fatherhood and to start a small family with a woman he well respected but not quite love. He was once optimistic and trusting but since the death of the mother to his child, he has become a shell of himself. He protects his kind. He doesn’t let anyone in on his pain and anguish of being a young father and losing someone. He feels guilty for the things that occurred afterwards. And he has almost a tangible hate towards our heroine, Holly, because of misunderstandings and miscommunication.

And our heroine, Holly is nothing less of a character to Cash. She was the best friend to Cash’s daughter’s mother.  She was also inexplicably in love with Cash before her best friend decided to sleep with him that one night and ended up pregnant and destroying their friendship all in one shot. However, Holly found it in herself to forgive the mother and to be part of their lives despite not living in the same small town they all grew up in. Holly’s also has her own faults as well. For years, she blamed herself for being selfish when she decided to give her little brother and sister to a foster home so she could study in a university and become a vet. And to make matters worse, the small town never really forgave her for that. She felt that a lot of people judged her for her decision of following her dreams. I felt extremely horrible for Holly because she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Does she give up her dreams to take care of her brother and sister so they could have a real family or does she allow her brother and sister to at least have a secure home while she chased her dreams? It’s tough. And it was extremely sad when Holly didn’t think she deserved a family after what she did.

Overall, I really enjoyed the drama in this book. There are a lot of books out there that have drama for the sake of drama. It feels fake and feels like everything can be resolved if the two people just sat down and had a good conversation over a hot cup of tea. But Saving the Sheriff included drama that could not necessarily be fixed over Earl Grey. We had Cash who was stubborn and didn’t want to think other people had other motives except to harm him or his child. We had Holly who would rather not hurt Cash anymore by being in his presence but somehow finds herself always being in his business because how could she give up on helping her best friend’s daughter grow up?

Kadie did a fantastic job at conflict resolution as well. She hit the nail right on the head on untangling the webs and breaking down characters so they could see it in themselves to forgive each other and forgive themselves for their past. The conversations shared between characters were raw, gritty, and I saw it that real people could have the same emotional ones. Cash did not hold back at all when he spat out words to hurt Holly. (I love and hate him for that btw)

I guess what I didn’t like about this book was that Cash was just this overwhelming jerk throughout the book and Holly kind of accepted the comments like it was true. We had a strong personality vs a weaker one. Don’t get me wrong, I know that Cash had his reason for being a jerk and Holly had her reason for being a softie but ugh, Kadie broke my heart so many times when I saw how mean Cash was and how stubborn he was. CAN’T HE JUST PLAY NICE AND BE FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE?

But readers, I’m sure we all felt this way before. There’s a healthy balance between super mean and mean but hot. When characters are super mean, it can be tiring for our minds because why would someone so nice like them now?

HOWEVER, we did see a lot of character growth and saw how Cash slowly tear down his walls and opened up to Holly and he was very sweet in the end so he’s ok in my books after reading the ending.


I said it before and I’ll say it again. Kadie is brilliant. You need to read her books. The Wrong Kind of Compatible, The Attraction Equation, and Saving the Sheriff should be your next 3 reads if you haven’t read them already. I’m serious.



The Wrong Kind of Compatible


The Attraction Equation 


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One thought on “BOOK REVIEW: Saving the Sheriff by Kadie Scott

  1. Thank you so much Lisa!!!! So glad you loved it because it’s different from my comedies. This one is also close to my heart. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading/reviewing. xoxo Kadie/Abigail


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