BOOK REVIEW: The Boss’s Fake Fiancee by Susan Meier

Book Review!


Title: The Boss’s Fake Fiancee
Author: Susan Meier
Publication: August 8th 2017
Pages: 240

The perfect fake fiancee–his assistant! 

Billionaire Mitcham Ochoa never expected to be the best man for his brother and his own ex! But what better way to prove he’s over her than to have his very own “fiancee” at his side?

PA Lila Ross has had a crush on her boss since day one, but surely pretending to be his fiancee is a step too far? She knows she’ll be heartbroken when she has to walk away… Only Mitch is beginning to find Lila as indispensable in life as she is in the office!


I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

The boss’s fake fiance by Susan Meier tells the story of one-sided love. PA Lila Ross has fallen head over heels for Mitch and he doesn’t have the slightest clue.

When I first started reading this novel, I didn’t know it was a Harlequin Romance series. I assumed it was a Harlequin Blaze or Desires and I blame Net Galley for not providing me a cover photo for me to see what exactly am I reading so the entire time I was waiting for hot sexy times but all I got was a story about love. I saw Lila’s love for Mitch, her sadness that came from a broken family, and her falling in love with his big happy family in Spain. Which is great but it can be a tad boring, in my opinion.

The whole story developed naturally. There was no rushing into things and for that I’m very happy about. I also enjoyed the fact that family played a big role in this story. I loved Mitch’s nanny. She was spunky and quirky so definitely don’t mess with her.

However, with little to no conflict or angst or sexy times, I have to sadly give this an average star rating of 3/5 stars.


Read it after you read the rest.


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