BOOK TALK: Why You Should Stop Reading

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I know.

When you first read the title, you were probably going “WHAT?!”

“What do you mean I should stop reading? Aren’t you a book blogger? Shouldn’t you be encouraging me to read the next book on my tower high TBR?”

While I technically am supposed to encourage my readers to read MORE and find MORE books to read and fall in love with, it’s important to give yourself a break.

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Sometimes, you might not even want to stop. You have another book on your mind as soon as you finish the one in your hands or you have an ARC that’s about to be released so now you feel the pressure of that release date. However, should you really read more?

Here are some reasons why I believe you should stop

  1.  You’re going to burn out

It’s really simple. You binge read an entire series or you. are. a. machine. For the past week or so, you’ve been finishing one book right after the other and it feels so good because you finally feel like you have control over your TBR or the Goodreads challenge you set for yourself that looms over you every waking day.

While it’s good to be motivated to keep pushing yourself to read more pages, finish the next chapter, finish the book, finish the series, etc. It can be tiring for your brain. Suddenly, plots are sounding the same. You can’t really remember what was the last book you read was about. You forget the characters. And eventually, the plot seems to slow down and characters seem bland.

Just like working too hard in school or at work, you can experience a creative burn out. This burn out can cause the inevitable reading slump book lovers all fear and create even more of a headache than staying up too late to read. Learn to know the signs of a burn out before you reach it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you still enjoying the book?
  • Do you find trouble focusing?
  • Are you pushing yourself to finish the book or do you actually want to finish it?

By answering these questions, you should have a deeper understanding of your motive and sense whether or not a burn out will be approaching.

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2. You’re being too sensitive

What the hell does this mean, Lisa?

Well, by being too sensitive I mean that you’re taking the piece of literature in your hands too seriously. Sometimes the context of the story and the purpose of it doesn’t need to be the next literary award winner. However, you find yourself nitpicking at every little thing that a character says or does. Your review becomes borderline aggressive, picking a part every single line a character said because it rubbed you the wrong way.

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This can cause an unfair review, doing injustice for the author who wrote it and yourself as well. It could have been one of your favourite books but you decided to push yourself to finish it and ended up getting more annoyed at yourself for not reading fast enough than actually being annoyed at the characters.

3. You’re getting bored.

Simple, really. You’re halfway through a book and instead of finishing it up right away, you close the book and put it aside because you’re just not feeling it. The real answer? You’re bored. You probably already know what’s going to happen or the part that you stopped at in the story isn’t sparking your interest. Could it always be the book’s fault to blame or is it actually you?

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4. You want to do something else.

Your mind is fixated on finishing the next book so you can complete whatever bookathon that is happening this week but the new tv show uploaded on Netflix or Kissassian (for all my korean drama lovers out there 😉 ) is holding your interest more. You want to start an episode but you know that once you start, it’ll be hard to stop. You also know that if you ignore the need to watch the latest show, you’ll never watch it because you’re so motivated to read that you don’t want it to stop.

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It’s going to sound cheesy but listen to your heart. Make sure you’re doing something that you enjoy. If reading or watching tv seems forced, then take a break. Remember that reading is about enjoying the books as well. Not the number of books you read or the pages or the challenges you complete. 

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18 thoughts on “BOOK TALK: Why You Should Stop Reading

  1. I’ve honestly been reading every single day for weeks, one book after the other. Pretty sure I’ve finished 3 or 4 books every week for the last month or so.
    I guess I am a machine then? I’m seriously having no trouble with anything, haha.
    On the other hand, it’s just my way of escaping life and all its stress/horrors/annoyances, so reading doesn’t feel obligatory at all. Even when I’m “binging” my e-ARC’s.
    Lucky meeee, haha.


    1. I know the feeling Kathy 😥😥😥 I’ve been finishing a book or two every single day except for days I’m super tired. I wanted to beat the number of books I read in July 2016 (i think I might have read 33) but it doesn’t seem like I’ll do it (I’m at 25). And honestly I feel like I should take a break. LOL


      1. good job kathy!!!!! I wish I could get paid for reading too sadly i do not and i don’t think paid reviews is gonna be a thing for me in the future lol. I saw on your twitter updates that you’ve been catching up to all your arcs that you requested and i’m so proud of you!!!!!! I don’t request on netgalley anymore but i do receive arcs too and i have a lot to read in a short amount of time D: Let’s just hope that when I’m feeling pressured I can snap back into it and read it all after work.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get paid for this.. Haha.
        Only three more to go! [But I already requested a bunch the past two weeks so if those come through all at once I’m going to have to start the catching up all over again, haha.]
        I don’t even know if actually receiving ARC’s will ever by a possibility, simply because I don’t live in the UK or US. Little Belgium, yay. So NetGalley is like my favorite thing in the world right now, haha.
        I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!


  2. I really agree with this. I was reading quite a bit and not enjoying it, and felt myself fall into a slump. Im now not in a slump, but a few weeks away from reading really helped. I feel like now I’m excited to read again and am wanting to read more than ever before.
    Giving oneself a break every now and then is essential when it comes to things that you love and enjoy. I feel that if I (or anyone) were to become a reading machine I would genuinely start to hate it, or grow tired and bored of it, and that would be awful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same way Lu! IHonestly, hearing you say that you take weeks off from reading shocked me a bit but then i realized i am the same way. I don’t actively stop myself from reading but life just catches up with me and suddenly it’s a month later and i never finished a book. But i’m also left with motivation to read again and to love reading again. I feel like i was at a point of being a reading machine and just the thought of reading another books makes me weary.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, life catches up so quickly and sometimes days can pass and I hardly notice. I think that the main reason that I end up not reading is these mini slumps that I get when books are SO good. 😀
        Feeling like a reading machine is awfulll! Sometimes when I read book after book I love it, but sometimes I feel like I should be doing something else (despite loving reading), or that I feel like I’m wasting books by reading them quickly.


  3. I actually love this post! I find myself falling into being too sensitive (or rather, just too plain aggressive) very often, and there are times when I would just rather watch Netflix. I’ve been much better this year about putting other things before reading – mainly my studies – and honestly feel all the more relaxed for it.

    Charlotte @ Bookmarks and Blogging

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!!!! Charlotte, we’re on the same page and I’m so glad to hear this !!!!! I think i might have to take a break because while I’m reading nowadays I feel very critical and unfair to authors. 🙂


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