FLASH BOOK REVIEW: The Teacher and the Virgin by Jessa James


Title: The Teacher and the Virgin
Author: Jessa James
Publication: May 29th 2017
Pages: 130 pages

An older man, a younger woman, an irresistible attraction.
My BFFs and I made a pact the last month of high school: No one was going to college a virgin. The only question was, who would we choose? I knew exactly who I wanted. My teacher, Mr. Parker.
I might have just graduated, but I was still his student. But Mr. Parker isn’t teaching me anything in that boring civics textbook any longer. He’s bossy. He’s demanding. He’s so much older than I am. And he’s opening my eyes, teaching me exactly how pleasurable surrender can be.

Author’s Note: This is a sweet and sexy novella with a guaranteed HEA. 


I was hesitant about reading this one because i’ve read sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many teacher/student relationships that it was getting a little boring. However, I still enjoyed this story despite the troupe being overplayed a lot.

I do have a few problems with this one as it was kind of creepy how he kind of watched her and fantasized about her long before she graduated high school and maybe…before she was legal? I don’t want to raise wrong speculations but it may have been implied or said…

Anyways, this story was filled with hot sex, cute fluff, and little to no angst. I’m not as impressed with this one written by Jessa James in terms of plot and character but you can’t ask for everything.




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