First & Last (A Billionaire’s Virgin Romance) by Penny Wylder



Title: First & Last (A Billionaire’s Virgin Romance)
Author: Penny Wylder
Publication: May 23rd 2017
Pages: 105 pages

He wants to be my first, and he’ll pay anything to make it happen.
I joined the First Times for Sale website on a dare. It’s not something I’d ever seriously consider, I mean… who sells their virginity?
I didn’t think someone would message me.
Definitely didn’t think I’d consider his offer.
But talk about sexy– and he’s clearly rich. Something has to be wrong with him. He’s got to be a creep, or broken, or dangerous.
I tell myself this so I can try to resist my curiosity.
And so I can resist messaging him back.
Then I hit reply, and worse, I agree to meet him.
It started as a dare.
How will it end?

This is a standalone novella with a HEA and NO cheating!
Penny Wylder writes just that– wild romances. Happily Ever Afters are always better when they’re a little dirty, so if you’re looking for a page turner that will make you feel naughty in all the right places, jump right in and leave your panties at the door!


I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably wondering why I’m getting so harsh with Penny Wylder books lately but I’m trying to be fair in my reviews and this book simply did not meet my standards for her books.

First of all, the premise of selling your virginity online to the highest bidder has been done and played out before. I found this story to be similar to a lot of reads you can pick up on your amazon kindle and really, there’s nothing much different from this one and the next except for maybe how the relationship ends.

I found both characters to be slightly annoying. We have our heroine who thought it would be funny to continue her online joke after her friend signed her up on the website after one night filled with too many bottles of wine. And we got our hero who is dark and mysterious that we literally know nothing about.

And you’re telling me that they will fall in love in the end?


Anyways, it’s just an unoriginal story and it’s not executed in the best way that would make me feel that Penny did a better job at it then the author next to her.


Read her other books.


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