BOOK REVIEW: Kilt Me by Jenika Snow ( A Real Man #12)


Title: Kilt Me
Author: Jenika Snow
Publication: May 9th 2017
Pages: 100 pages

He’ll show her exactly what’s under his kilt.


The first time I saw Mr. McGowan, he was walking into our class wearing a kilt. Our substitute professor, he was big and brooding, masculine, and had a sexy Scottish brogue going on.

Maybe I didn’t need that extra tutoring, but I sure as hell wanted it.


I noticed Molly the moment I stepped into the classroom. She was the wee lass with the fire-colored hair, the intense green eyes, and a body that had me burning alive. I didn’t want to look away from her because I knew she was mine.

Maybe there was a rule about staff not fraternizing with students. But given that I’m just the substitute professor, and that I wanted her like a fiend, I was about to cross some lines and break some rules.

Warning: You ever wonder what’s under a man’s kilt? Well, this story won’t leave you in the dark. It’s short, of course filthy, and has a Scottish hero with a sexy brogue. He only has eyes for his heroine, and will teach her a thing or two about how good it can feel to get dirty.


It’s been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since I reviewed a Jenika Snow book but I love her A Real Man series because they’re short novellas that hit all the cravings you need in a romance novel.

Anyways, I wasn’t too sure about this one because our main hero is from Scotland and while I respect that, Jenika even wrote his thoughts with a scotish accent. I know. Odd. But I guess it can pass as making sense.

Moving on why is he randomly wearing a kilt on his first day substituting a class like I really didn’t understand the point of that???


Read it but read the others first!





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