Book Review: This is Reckless by Kennedy Fox (Checkmate Duet #3)



Title: This is Reckless
Author: Kennedy Fox
Publication: December 13th 2016
Pages: 404 pages

Introducing book 1 in the Drew & Courtney saga of the Checkmate Duet Series from a secret duo under the USA Today bestselling author pseudonym, Kennedy Fox! 

This friends to lovers romance will have you swooning and laughing from the first to the last page! Are you ready to play the game? 

Drew Fisher is the type of guy every girl wants.
Noble police officer by day, charming prince by night.
He has no idea the effect he has on women, especially me–his little sister’s best friend.
I’m the blonde Southern belle who lives up to the cliché, except I have my own quirks. I’m smart as a whip, can change my own oil, and recite The Pledge of Allegiance backward, but he doesn’t see that girl.It’d be easier to forget him if he wasn’t my roommate and if the first thing I saw in the morning wasn’t his shirtless body covered in tattoos. I’ve crushed on him since the day we met, but he’s made it perfectly clear where we stand. Just friends.

I know I need to move on and accept that his feelings will never be mutual, but every day he smiles at me, I’m left dreaming of what if.
He has girl issues, and I’ve got a crush I can’t deny.
We’re friends, but I want more.

One drunken hookup leaves us with much more than a platonic friendship. Pretending it never happened proves to be more difficult than anticipated.

A crazy ex-girlfriend, a dangerous war of stolen glances, and passionate kisses leads to the most reckless battle yet. I won’t be a pawn in his game, but I’ll play by his rules if it will show him I’m the one worth breaking them for.

Checkmate, Prince Charming.

*Recommend for ages 18+ due to sexual content and adult language.*

**This is book 3 in the Checkmate Duet Series but book 1 in the Drew & Courtney Saga–a friends to lovers romance. This can read as a standalone duet or read in order of the series.**

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I want to start off my review with the fact that I actually never wanted to read this duet. I just wasn’t interested in Drew and Courtney’s story from the previous duet and I kind of just started it off as a joke. But the joke was on me because Kennedy Fox’s writing is just so light and fun, it draws you in and you can’t stop with just one page.

Suddenly, I’m with Courtney and her wild party adventures and of course, the shocking opening scene in the prologue. Courtney is definitely a change in character from what Kennedy Fox writes. For a starter, she parties so automatically she’s not a goody two shoes and she’s different from the book smart angel characters we got as depicted by Viola and later on, Kayla (I read the series not in order. Sue me.) Anyways, I was unsure about her a lot because I didn’t want to read a story about how a girl just keeps getting shit faced but thankfully, she wasn’t like that. All the time. She was kind, considerate, and patient with everyone. She also baked which was a nice quirk to have since blueberry muffins ya’ll are delicious.

Moving on, we got Drew. First of all, fuck his girlfriend. Fuck everything about her. Mia is literally the bane of my existence and I hate everything she is in the series. I really don’t understand her motives because she just seems to be acting out and being there as a plot device to get the story moving along and to add a dramatic twist. Like seriously. Really. How blind can you be to still love a girl who literally fucked up your little sister and her boyfriend’s relationship? How many lies do you need to keep believing before you realize she’s seriously fucked in the head? Anyways, enough with the swearing and let’s focus back on our sweet boy, Drew. He’s sweet. Really, there’s nothing much more than that. He’s also so forgiving which is a nice quality to have but again. Mia. Fuck Mia. Stop forgiving her.

I digress.

What happens towards the end of the story was really dark. But it needed to be there to really show readers that being a cop, Drew, has many dangers he faces in his life. It was real and raw. However, a tad bit random on how it ended off because readers were just expecting something really bad to happen but it flipped and I was left sitting there going Okay, I guess.

And the ending? Seriously. Really? Again? Why are you here? You’re so annoying. I’m not going to judge the whole duet by one book but again with the plot devices. I really hope Kennedy Fox writes a plot with her in it before it’s just another character that gets in the way for no reason. Because she has so much potential to be the really bad villainous bitch she is.

At this point, you should know who i’m talking about. *rolls eyes*

Image result for this is reckless kennedy fox


If you liked the first duet, I have no doubt that you would enjoy Courtney and Drew too. They’re adorable.



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