BOOK REVIEW: Teach Me Daddy by Isabella Starling and Demi Donovan



Title: Teach Me Daddy
Author: Isabella Starling and Demi Donovan
Publication: March 11th 2017
Pages: 208

Daddy’s gonna teach her some manners.

There’s a reason why I have a reputation.
But if I do this, my past could go away.
I have to take little Cora’s virginity.
Spoil her from the good little girl into a naughty vixen that begs for Daddy so good.
I have to teach her to be a good slut, but only for me.
And then, I have to let her go, and never look back.


He’s my teacher.
I shouldn’t be attracted to him – he’s intent on humiliating me in class and making me kneel in private.
I should hate Maddox.
Should see him for the handsome, inked monster that he is.
But I can’t stay away. Can’t stop myself from begging…
Teach me, Daddy.

A full-length dark romance novel. Teacher/student theme. Standalone, no cliffhanger, no cheating. HEA guaranteed.



The reason why I’m giving this book a 2/5 stars is because well, instead of a 208 page book, it can be an 88 page book and I would have given it an extra star for being somewhat decent.

However, since it dragged out longer than I was hoping for, this book was just a big meh and sometimes a big NO.

We have Cora, an eighteen year girl, that lives with her somewhat abusive stepfather who is beginning to see how much she has matured and grown from a teenage girl to a woman. It’s already getting to the part where it’s a NO for me because I really don’t like creepy relationships where the father figure is really sexual towards their loved ones that they’re supposed to take care of. Moving on, Cora experiences sexual harassment from her stepfather’s friends which is also a NO because it was just so creepy!

Anyways, Cora isn’t anything special. She’s a virgin and plain Jane. Loves reading books, being shy, and crying when she’s upset which is OKAY but it can be kind of boring sometimes.

Enter Maddox, our main hero who just so happens to be Cora’s new English teacher. I MEAN I GUESS. But Maddox is also friends with her stepfather so now it’s a whole world of I mean I guess that’s okay but not really. Anyways, Maddox does a lot of “protecting” aka strut his ego and stuff but not really doing anything to protect Cora like the way I wanted him to. It just never hit the mark until the very end where said stepfather is really sent to hell.

The whole relationship between Maddox and Cora was kind of creepy because although, Cora is 18 years old and fully legal, they had their sexual encounters in her high school classroom and it was debatable on whether or not it was okay for them to continue their relationship due to the age difference. Obviously, it’s not okay for Maddox to have a relationship with a student but for me, the pressing manner was the age difference and mentality of each character. It felt like Maddox was abusing his role as a teacher just so he could get near to Cora and intimidate her and continue their tantalizing sexual relationship.

Would I recommend this book?

Overall, this book never really had much of a plot and it gave me unwanted shudders. I suggest to skip this book or read it when you really have nothing else to read.



One thought on “BOOK REVIEW: Teach Me Daddy by Isabella Starling and Demi Donovan

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