Book Review: The Continuity Girl by Leah McLaren


Title: The Continuity Girl
Author: Leah McLaren
Publication: April 9th 2007
Pages: 352
Synopsis: Meredith Moore is the perfect continuity girl. An on-set script supervisor, she is the error catcher, the one who makes sure every take matches seamlessly with the one that came before it. But when Meredith wakes up on her 35th birthday with a sudden acute yearning for a baby, her personal sense of continuity is thrown into flux. Determined not to marry, she impulsively flees humdrum Canada and heads to London to reunite with her notoriously eccentric mother, Irma, and accept a job on a famous producer’s film. Her covert plan: find a man with good genes, seduce him, and have a child–all without him knowing, of course. But in her quest to become pregnant on her own terms, she will accidentally discover a web of secrets that will change the way she envisions both her professional life and the nature of love.

My Rating: 3/5 stars

This cover is gorgeous! I wish I had this one but I have the blue one so I won’t complain too much.

I decided to read this book after reading Leah McLaren’s other book A Better Man. I really enjoyed A Better Man because it introduced me to her style of fluid writing where she is able to tell you a good story with meat and grit to it without having any characters say or necessarily do the actual things.

A Better Man was a beautiful story that opened up to me a world where marriage isn’t perfect. Because I loved it so much, I gave The Continuity Girl a try and hoped it would be the same. It was great. I mean, it’s not my favourite. It’s not better than A Better Man in my opinion but it was entertaining. Our main character Meredith goes through three guys who she wants to be the father of her future child but nothing more. Not a husband or a supporting partner. Just a sperm donor…really.

You kind of move through the three guys with her and you see where some parts don’t match up or how the guy is totally not good for her. Finally, she lands on the best one and there’s a bit of romantic angst to it. It was heartbreaking. A lot of it was because of miscommunication. But it worried me. I felt things so that is a good sign for books.

Final recommendation? Read it if you’re lazy and you don’t want to pick a book on your shelf.


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