Book Review: Stubborn Hearts by Melanie Munton


Title: Stubborn Hearts
Author: Melanie Munton
Publication: April 26th 2016
Pages: 128
Synopsis: What they say is true…never get involved with someone you work with.

David Edelman was an arrogant prick. At least that’s what Claire Stevens thought. She didn’t have many enemies but if she were forced to make a list, he would certainly be at the top of it. So, when she walked into her new job and saw him standing there, she’d been two seconds away from turning tail and running. But she needed the job and she never backed away from a challenge.

Claire Stevens was a stuck-up brat. He couldn’t believe that out of all the people in the city, she was the one hired to be his new assistant. The woman who drove him crazy. It was campaign season and this election was the one he and Clay had been working toward. He couldn’t allow his frustrating and maddeningly gorgeous assistant to distract him.

But then one night, that all changed.

It was just supposed to be a no-strings-attached, never-to-be-repeated-again kind of night. They weren’t supposed to actually feel anything. They weren’t supposed to remember how each other felt. And they sure as hell weren’t supposed to want to do it again.

But they did.

And they denied it, they fought it. But after a while, it wasn’t enough. They knew they were going to have to face up to their feelings. They were going to have to stop fighting and give in. Which wasn’t going to be easy. For Stubborn Hearts, it never was.

My thoughts…5/5 stars


After two weeks of binge reading, I finally found one gem that is going to be on my “absolutely-I-will-recommend-this-to-you” shelf on Goodreads.

Where do I begin?? Can I just let out a loud squeal for David because this man is a hunk. I picture him to be Henry Cavil from Superman. Dark framed glasses, nice hair, and a perfect jawline that is so straight, I can use it as a ruler. And then we have Claire. She’s bright, talented, warm, and spicy. Don’t mess with her because she’ll give you a sassy retort that will leave you blushing. Both of them are so stubborn when they first meet. They’re reluctant to reveal their true feelings and intentions towards each other because they’re afraid of getting hurt. Written in dual perspectives, we can see both characters internally struggle with coping with their feelings for each other.

In all honesty, David’s part made me swoon. I actually cried out, “can I marry David” at one part.

And the angst? Oh my god was there angst. This was my first book by Melanie Munton and it certainly will not be my last because she writes one mean conversation that can rip my heart out. I would love to read more about David and Claire in the future!

Definitely pick this one up soon!


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