Book Review: Knot a Liar by Rose Ann Bridges



Title: Knot a Liar

Author: Rose Ann Bridges

Publisher: Summer 365 books

Publication: March 16th 2016

Pages: 188


 The truth could ruin everything!
Jodi wants to come out on top for once. Her rival has just gotten married and that calls for drastic measures for their upcoming high school reunion. But when a fake relationship leads to a fake engagement, that leads to more trouble than she signed up for. What is it about Sam that keeps Jodi agreeing with his crazy plans? And how will they get out of this mess if she can’t say no to him?
Sam wants to help this pretty lady in distress. But his protective nature only lands them both in hot water. Scrambling for a solution, he gets Jodi to go with his plans, especially once his parents think he has finally tied the knot.
With no way out, or so they think, Jodi and Sam keep devising plans which only dig deeper ditches. But the deeper the ditch the tighter the bind and they find that walking away is easier said than done.

My thoughts…4/5 stars

I’m going to be very generous with my ratings here and give this book a 3.5/5 even though it’s more of a 3 at points in the story.

While it was entertaining, I couldn’t get past the idea of our main hero being depicted as a gay man when he grabs our heroine, presses her against the wall, and kisses the loving hell out of her! Hello!! That’s really confusing! And Sam is still claiming he’s gay while Jodi is left more and more confused. Don’t worry guys. It’s a romance novel. The hero and heroine will always get together in the end. But I won’t tell you how or what the loving heck is going on.

Another reason why I want to give a lower rating is because of the short declaration of love Jodi gives to Sam. I mean, it actually doesn’t really happen. The author tells us what happened and we’re expected to roll along with it. It’s kind of like watching a really good movie, anticipating a long kiss, and then poof! The credits come on right before mouths touch. It’s extremely annoying!

However, Rose Ann Bridges makes it up to us by tying up the short story with a preview of their future. It’s sweet and I laughed. I recommend to pick up this book and give it a whirl!


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