Book Reviews May 3rd- May 6th 2016

Hey guys!

If anyone has noticed, I am back!

I recently came back after a month hiatus because I wasn’t reading as much due to exams and I didn’t really feel the need to discuss any books I’ve read in the past month. However, I did read a hefty amount of books since May has started. Some of them demanded me to vent about so I decided to write some reviews for them.

I also got an email recently that said I forgotten to rate the books. How silly of me to forget! Anyways, I corrected the error and now the ratings are back.


If you’re interesting in seeing what I’ve reviewed, here are the links:

Billionaire without a past by Carol Marinelli 

The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright 

Maternity Leave by Julie Halpbern 

Overruled by Emma Chase -The Legal Briefs #1

Sustained by Emma Chase – The Legal Briefs #2 

Appealed by Emma Chase – The Legal Briefs #3 




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