COMING SOON: Book Reviews

I’ll let you on in a little secret.

I usually post book reviews right after I read them (or at least I try to). So when you see me particularly active on your reader or if you see one of my posts more than once per week, it means that I’m back in my reading groove or I binge read and then binged reviewed all the books that I read.

Currently, I’m sort of busy and lazy. I have a lot of homework and exams to study for so I haven’t been reading as much as I like because I’m just so exhausted from waking up early in the morning to head down to class that I usually use the transportation time to sleep instead of reading. But, regardless of my exhaustion, you can expect at least 3 book reviews in the near future…and possibly 4 if I decide to skip watching episodes of the office and my responsibilities and just finish the new book I picked up.

Here are the covers of each book I’m going to review!


Obviously more details to come on what each book is about and my honest opinions on all of them! Keep an eye out for my posts and definitely keep an eye out for these books!

Much love,




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