Book Review: How to Sleep with Your Boss by Janice Maynard


Title: How to Sleep with The Boss

Author: Janice Maynard

Publisher: Harlequin / Mills & Boon

Pages: 192

Publication date: February 1st 2016

Synopsis: His new assistant isn’t his type—until they work in very close quarters! From USA TODAY bestselling author Janice Maynard.

Inexperienced but out of options, Libby Parkhurst accepts Patrick Kavanagh’s job offer—even though he’s given it at his mother’s request. Surely she can hide her attraction to the charming man she’s trying to impress…

Patrick sees Libby as a family friend and hires her as a favour. But as their work brings them closer, he discovers the sensual woman she’s become—even before a makeover takes her from dowdy to dazzling! Suddenly his interest is no longer platonic. Long-term is off-limits, but taking her to bed? He’s making that his top priority!

Disclaimer: An arc was given to me on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


What I liked about this book…

This book reminded me a lot like Pride and Prejudice mixed with Legally Blonde. It featured Libby as a socialite that was in every newspaper because she was rich and gorgeous. She lived a sheltered life of being spoiled by her family and nothing bad ever happened to her until her dad loses the company or whatever and she’s suddenly in need of a job. Trading in her high heels to sensible shoes, she applies for a job to work for Patrick who basically dreads working with her because he thinks he’s babysitting her.

Libby worked hard, showed Patrick that she’s not who he thinks she is, and proved to everyone that she was a strong independent woman. It broke my heart at moments because Patrick said some mean things about her behind her back and she heard. But I can forgive him because he’s super sweet and always wants to protect Libby from harm. The real harm Libby was facing was falling in love with Patrick and wanting the rest of her life with him. Patrick refuses the idea of marriage because he’s been divorced before and thinks that he ruined the sanctity of marriage when he read his vows in his previous marriage. And Libby tries to convince him that he was just a kid who thought he was doing the right thing at that time and he’s still perfect the way he is. Meanwhile, Libby also tells Patrick that she’s not perfect like the way he thinks. The secret that Libby was holding? It’s a bomb. I was floored and I felt so bad for her. I was even more impressed that she didn’t let the world corrupt her and she still is so optimistic and happy.

Definitely pick this book up sometime!



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