Book Review: Pregnant with the Royal Baby


Title: Pregnant with a Royal Baby!

Author: Susan Meier

Publisher: Harlequin

Pages: 256

Publication date: February 9th 2016

Synopsis: Marrying for the baby’s sake

Prince Dominic Sancho has always lived up to his family’s royal expectations. Until one irresistibly spontaneous night with teacher Ginny Jones has dramatic repercussions—she’s now carrying the next heir to Xaviera’s throne! There’s only one solution—a royal wedding…

A marriage of convenience is Ginny’s worst nightmare, but for their baby’s sake, she says “I do.” And as the royal couple jet off on their honeymoon, she begins to realize that beneath the royal etiquette, Dominic is a daddy—and loving husband—in the making!

Disclaimer: An arc was given to me on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: 3.5/5

What I thought about this book…

I have to admit that this book was iffy to me from the very start. If you’re unfamiliar with the Harlequin Romance books, it’s basically a line of books that focus on romantic fluffy aspects rather than drama or scandals. So for me, when I started this book, I wasn’t too surprised that there wasn’t much in seducing Ginny into bed. It kind of just happened that she was already pregnant with the heir to some made up country far, far away. I found this to be okay but upon reflection, it was messy and it made me confused for a bit.

And as a Harlequin fan, I treat these books differently from the way I treat other books. I don’t give Harlequin that much of a leeway to entice me in their story so I was already reading this book and thinking, “Okay, you really have to impress me now.” It did. For the most part.

I felt like the majority of the book it was just kind of like Dominic going, “I can’t love you but I’ll be there with you for the baby. My duty is always to my country and I’ll never allow myself to get distracted because my father was distracted by my mother and our country almost dissolved because of it.” Which was stupid of Dominic to think this way because holy cow. It’s your mom, Dominic. You should want to do everything in this world to save the woman who gave birth to you and loved you. Why does it matter if your country may be in the brink of war when a piece of your life is about to die. In my perspective, I thought he was selfish.

But what was amazing about Harlequin romances or this book was that the love the characters experience makes them change. They kind of draw back the blinds and let the sun hit them, sparking their epiphanies that you can’t always be cold and let no one love you.

For the ending, I disliked it. I would be so angry if my father-in-law stopped my husband from going to see the birth of our first child even though he wanted to prove to his son that he loved me. Like there are better ways to teach your son the power of love than ruining my chance at see my husband’s face when he sees our child for the first time.



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