Movie Review: Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl.

Let’s start off this post with the disclaimer that I never read the book yet but I do have it on my shelf. So it’s a start. The reason why I never read it yet was because I couldn’t get past the first couple of pages. The writing was too structured. There wasn’t much of a flow. And I just couldn’t get past the big words etc.

Anyways, I watched the movie today on Netflix Canada and I absolutely loved it.

My Rating: 5/5

Synopsis of the movie: High schooler Greg, who spends most of his time making parodies of classic movies with his co-worker Earl, finds his outlook forever altered after befriending a classmate who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

What I liked about it:

  • The directing was on point. I noticed majority of the scenes focused on shots where it was split down the middle by a wall or because of the architecture of the building itself. It often included one character or more making a decision during the scene which I found clever to do because it represented two sides of decisions.
    • The colours were pale but happy. It reminded me a lot of summer and spring which made sense since the movie was released in June.
  • The acting was nothing spectacular but I’m proud of what each actor brought to the table. If nobody knows it by now, “the dying girl” played by Olivia Cooke was really great in portraying vulnerability and anger at her situation. It tore me apart several times.
  • The story itself! The characters were so flawed and nobody was really perfect. I saw that the main character, Greg, was really flawed and selfish towards the middle. He was also very self-loathing and had very low self-esteem. I cried a lot during the movie because I was so happy about friendship that blossomed on the screen and how it disintegrated in front of my eyes.



9 thoughts on “Movie Review: Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl.

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  2. I couldn’t get past halfway through the book as i found it was really slow and the language was a bit off! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who didn’t get into it☺️


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