A Lazy Girl’s Movie Review: Room

Hello folks!

As you can see from the title of this post, this is “A Lazy Girl’s Movie Review” which basically means that I’m far too lazy to write a proper review with proper paragraphs and proper explanations of everything I liked or hated about the movie I watched. However, it will most likely benefit a lazy blog post reader who mildly skims posts like what we sometimes always do.

With that being said, I watched Room this past Monday after all my midterms and it was bloody fantastic.

My Rating: 5/5

What I liked:

  • THE ACTING. My god. Brie Larson stars as “Ma” and Jacob Tremblay stars as “Jack.” Winning a handful of awards for her acting and one including Best Actress from the Academy, Brie Larson blew my fucking mind away with the indie film Short Term 12 on Netflix and solidified my belief that she is a force that will take over Hollywood with Room. Normally, child actors such as Jacob tend to annoy me because their skills aren’t as developed yet because they’re still young, emotions are still hard to differentiate, and they have moments where they’re kind of just on screen for the sake of being on screen. But Jacob was not one of those. I remembered vividly at one point in the film where it clicked in my head that Jacob had talent. His emotions were so well portrayed. Emotions like his anger and his shyness and his relief blew me away.
  • THE STORY. It’s movie-book adaption so the story can be credited to the author, Emma Donoghue. It was just so messed up to think that there were exact cases like this in the real world. There were and probably still are captives living the life “Ma” did for seven or more years of their life. And it was mind boggling to think that way. What would you do if you were held in a garden shed for 7 years and you gave birth to a child?

Why you should watch it:

  • It won a lot of awards and it’s highly praised.
  • It was a triumph.
  • Watch it if you’re feeling like a dark drama but less heavier and dramatic than Gone Girl.
  • Watch it for Brie and Jacob because they really deserve every recognition they received because of this film.

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