Book Review: Carrying the King’s Pride by Jennifer Hayward


Title: Carrying the King’s Pride

Author: Jennifer Hayward

Publisher: Harlequin

Publication: February 23rd 2016

Pages: 192

Synopsis: One last New York night with Sofia Ramirez is all Prince Nikandros Constantinides allowed himself before returning to Akathinia, after a dreadful accident took his brother’s life. But before the royal rebel is crowned, Nik discovers that he didn’t leave Sofia behind alone!

In a baby’s heartbeat, Nik turns Sofia’s world upside down and whisks her away to his Mediterranean kingdom. Dissolving a politically perfect engagement is not what Nik—or his country—had in mind, but this proud prince will do whatever it takes to legitimize his new rule…with a wife and child!

Disclaimer: An arc was given to me on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: 3/5

What You Should Know Before Hand…

This is a gentle reminder that Harlequin novels are for a unique type of readers. Under different series published by Harlequin, a certain type of story can be found. For example, if you go on the company’s website, they describe Harlequin Presents series as “You want alpha males, decadent glamour and jet-set lifestyles. Step into the sensational, sophisticated world of Harlequin Presents, where sinfully tempting heroes ignite a fierce and wickedly irresistible passion.” They also have series within a series such as “One Night with Consequences” which is basically a couple who has one night of hot white passion and then having repercussion’s of a baby.

With this being said, this book could fall under One Night with Consequences but it’s not because it’s actually book #1 in the new series “Kingdoms & Crowns” by Jennifer Hayward.

What I liked about the book…

I liked how Sofia stood her ground despite Nik being such an asshole to her and accusing her of trapping him in a marriage for her own benefits. After finding out she was pregnant and being almost forced into a marriage, she refused to have sex with Nik unless he fully trusted her. Unless, he believed her when she said that she didn’t construct everything so that she gotten pregnant in the end. This was something admirable because there were so many books under Harlequin that have heroines who were weak. They kind of shuffled their way through their lives under the man’s orders. However, Sofia was different.

What I didn’t like about the book…

We were thrown into their romance right from the start. Not really any background on their relationship but just a searing attraction and an expectation we would understand it. While it had potential, it didn’t click with me. Another point in the story that I didn’t much care for was the politics in the story. It was overblown, dramatic, and kind of unbelievable. Most Harlequin novels have drama but believable drama at most.

Finally, what was really disappointing was the lack of care I had for both characters in the end. I found myself skimming through the sex scenes, focusing more on their unnecessary drama and self-made problems. In fact, Nik’s accusation was poorly excused. I didn’t care to forgive him.

Would I recommend you to read this book?

It’s sad to say but I’m going to tell you to pass. It’s nothing to write home about and considering there are 8 titles published each month under Harlequin Presents, there must be a better one than this one.


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