What I’m Watching on American Netflix

I’m starting off this post by admitting that I’m rarely a Netflix TV show person. I usually watch indie films or movies I’ve sadly missed in the movie theatres due to my hectic schedule at the time of release. And if you don’t know yet, I’m actually Canadian. I reside in Toronto and I watch American Netflix.

Let’s not call the cops but I use an extension to watch Netflix without any borders and thus, no restrictions.

Oh, it’s wild here at my blog.

Anyways, so you’ve probably clicked on this post hoping to find the next show to distract you from your responsibilities in your life and I’m here to help you out.

Here are the TV shows I’m digging right now.

Call The Midwife

Genre: Drama

Number of series: 4

What’s it about? Call the Midwife, based on the best-selling memoirs of the late Jennifer Worth, tells colorful stories of midwifery and families in London’s East End. Inspired by the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, Call the Midwife follows the nurses, midwives and nuns from Nonnatus House, who visit the expectant mothers of Poplar, providing the poorest women with the best possible care.

Why I love it: The dresses! The hair! The flawless timeless makeup that leaves me absolutely yearning for the perfect shade of red lipstick and pink blush. It’s definitely the same tone as Downtown Abbey with its slow drama and intrigue. Each episode is approximately 50 minutes and I swear every episode is like a movie. There’s a climax and a satisfying end at the end of every episode. It’s perfection. And don’t be fooled, the drama is not between the main characters but rather the stories the episodes depict. It’s heartbreaking and it leaves me in tears because I know it’s real.


Genre: Comedy

Number of seasons: 2

What’s it about?  Denis Leary and Bob Fisher are collaborating to put together an adaptation of the British series of the same name. The show follows a group of Chicago EMTS with the Eminent Ambulance Company as they provide life saving services to their fellow Chicagoans and anyone else in

Why I loved it: It was quick and dry humor that left me laughing in the middle of the night. While the plot isn’t that interesting, I thought each character was unique and adorable. I really enjoyed the show and was sad to say goodbye to it. The show was cancelled last April.

Arrested Development 

Genre: Comedy

Number of Seasons: 4

What’s it about? The Emmy Award-winning comedy series ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT revolves around MICHAEL BLUTH (Jason Bateman), the “normal” one in a family of crazies, who is forced to stay in Orange County and run the family real estate business after his father, GEORGE BLUTH SR. (Jeffrey Tambor), is sent to prison for shifty accounting practices. While George Sr. spent the last year in the slammer discovering his newfound Judaism and recording inspirational tapes, Michael spent it picking up the pieces and trying to teach his offbeat family how to live without an endless expense account. All the while, Michael has also been trying to do right by his 14-year-old son, GEORGE MICHAEL (Michael Cera), an earnest kid who works diligently at the family’s frozen banana stand. The Bluths are led by manipulative matriarch LUCILLE BLUTH (Jessica Walter), a socialite who is as icy as her martinis. Then there’s the oldest son, GOB (Will Arnett), a womanizer and struggling magician (sorry, “illusionist”) whose biggest trick will be to make a real job appear. The youngest brother is BUSTER (Tony Hale), a neurotic professional grad student and glorified mama’s boy (he spent 11 months in the womb). The Bluth siblings are rounded out by cause-obsessed sister LINDSAY (Portia de Rossi), who is married to the hapless TOBIAS (David Cross), a doctor-turned-actor who might get more work if he wasn’t a self-proclaimed “never-nude.” Lindsay and Tobias are the ultra-permissive parents of MAEBY (Alia Shawkat), a 14-year-old who loves finding unique ways to rebel against their overindulgence.

Why I loved it:  It’s legitimately the stupidest humor I’ve ever watched with the exception of Jason Bateman knowing exactly what he’s doing. He’s watching everyone burn in flames and all he can do is help them out. I love it.

And of course…


Leave a comment below if you think I’ll like the stuff you’re currently addicted to and we’ll chat it out.



12 thoughts on “What I’m Watching on American Netflix

  1. Nice~ I’ve actually never heard of the series you mentioned, with the exception of Friends (which I haven’t watched either). I have to use a VPN since I’m in Korea atm, but it hasn’t been working very well so I haven’t been able to watch Netflix for like half a year. Also, it sucks that they removed a lot of the good movies, we only get the good but kinda way too old, or the new but crappy B movies. If you go on the UK Netflix they have all the good ones.


  2. I am watching Blacklist at the moment. Because I love action/crime so it’s right up my alley. Netflix just got to the Middle East so I debating whether to sign up or not. 🙂


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