Let’s Talk About F4F [Discussion Post]

If you don’t know what F4F, it basically is the short form for follow for follow. It’s popularly known on instagram but I assume it can be popular on pretty much any social media outlet that has a follower system.

I’m on instagram as a bookstagram (an account on instagram that focuses mainly on books.) You can follow my account here. And as far as I’m concerned, everyone deals with the comment “F4F” from time to time. Most of the comments I’ve read from instagrams I follow tell me that they absolutely hate “F4F.” Some of them even went as far as posting “Do not ask F4F” in their bio,which I understand because it is their own given right. It’s there account. They can choose to not do follow for follow or choose to bypass follow for follow comments on their pictures.

However, is F4F really that bad?

My opinion? I think not. I’m guilty of doing F4F from time to time on accounts I really appreciate and enjoy because why not build friendships like that? By mutually following each other, we’re solidfying our bond and appreciation for each other’s accounts. It’s like liking someone and having them reciprocate their love to you back. They can decide no, they don’t want to follow you because your account may not be what they’re looking for but at least you tried to get them to see what you had to offer. And then you can have the choice of deciding you should continue following them because they are really cool or you choose to stop because hey! Maybe you changed your mind anyways.

What I really think the problem here is the misunderstanding people tend to have with this seemingly spam comment or maybe it’s just the bad reputation it gets because everyone seems to do it.


Personally, I do it because:

  • I like your account. Please check out mine and if you do, please follow
  • I think we can be friends, let’s follow each other
  • By mutually following each other, I feel like our bond is stronger
  • I don’t ask F4F for every account and only to accounts I really like! Trust me! You’re a gem and I’m not a player!


What I think people think when I ask F4F?

  • She’s doing this to everyone
  • She’s thirsty
  • She will have no interest whatsoever in my photos and will not like or comment on them
  • She probably follows a thousand accounts and doesn’t like half of them
  • Lol does she even go here?


Occasionally, I get the comment “I don’t do follow for follow” or I never see them follow me back. It’s pretty much the same as “I don’t think your account is that great so I’ll pass on this one, hun.” But I don’t let it hurt me too much. They have their own reason and I have my own for not following back people who ask me for F4F. I can’t please everyone with my account which is fine.

What do you guys think? Do you have a bookstagram account and hate it when people ask you for F4F? Comment down below to let me know your thoughts! 😀 And if you follow me and want me to check yours out, I’ll be more than happy to oblige. I love new beautiful accounts to check out! ❤


10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About F4F [Discussion Post]

  1. So funny you should post this!! I was thinking about posting something like this sometime this weekend lol.

    I don’t mind follow for follow. I prefer it people just be like check out my account? I usually check out people’s accounts if they bother to leave a comment. My issue on Instagram especially are the people that will follow a ridiculous amount of accts and then go through later on (like less than a day later) and unfollows everyone that doesn’t follow back. I think it’s a waste of time and you can tell people are just doing it for the follower count.


    1. A haha totally know what you mean about those accounts. I usually scroll through my activity feed and click on any icons that look like they’re from a quality account. I’ll check their page out to see if its nice and then follow if it is 🙂 I also check every follower who follows me so I can follow back!

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  2. I don’t do F4F because 1. I don’t have much to offer. I’m not being modest, my pictures are not that great and I rarely post. 2. I’m not that active anyway so what’s the point of following you if I’m not even going to look at your pictures that often 3. I don’t like too many feeds, I prefer to just appreciate the posts of the few I do follow. 4. sometimes, when I see F4F it’s like you’re beginning me not to follow, I know, so mean, but it’s funny at the time. 5. I’ll follow people if I like what they post, no need to follow back.


  3. I don’t like f4f because a lot of times the accounts asking are all about their follower account, and a lot of them will unfollow you after a few days! I use Crowdfire to monitor my social media and I have a good memory, so I notice these things. lol But I also usually check out most accounts that follow me and/or comment and I follow them if I like what I see.


  4. I was really surprised to see that your post went in this direction, especially because so many people hate on it, but now that I’ve read it, I really enjoyed your post and your points are very valid. I think you’re one of those good follow for followers. 99% of F4Fers go to a hashtag, for example #books, and post “F4F? <3" on every single photo they see in order to pump their numbers. A lot of people forget that Instagram is not just a place where you shove your photos, it's a growing and thriving community. And it’s just as important to make friends on Instagram as it is in the real life! A lot of people crave this kind of “fame” where they can tell people they have 10000 followers on Instagram, and F4F is the easiest way for them to do this. That’s mainly why people don’t like F4F, because it goes against everything that Instagram is designed to be: a community and a place to make friends. F4F is a thing that happens anyway, though! If someone likes your account, and you like their account, then a F4F happens whether you are aware of it or not. If you explicitly ask for a F4F then I guess it’s like you care more about them adding “1” to your follower count rather than you actually liking their photos. A genuine, caring comment will have the same effect as a F4F – coz they’ll check out your account and follow you if they genuinely like your photos – just without the hate that comes with it. Thanks for blogging, and sorry for this monster message 😀

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  5. I’m okay with f4f. Personally I only do accept F4F for bookish accounts regardless of the number of followers, (big or small account) because my account is a book account. I knew others wouldn’t like it if their feed is bombarded with bookish posts if they’re not a bookworm. So yeah. I love connecting with the bookish community. But I’ve noticed that there are some who unfollow you after few days which is quite sad because you thought they genuinely wanted to be friends with you but in the end, they’re just trying to increase their followers count.

    F4F is not a bad thing it’s a way to connect with accounts you really love and for them to see your posts that they might also like. Taking pictures is also a passion that you love to share with your followers.

    And PS: I followed you on IG because your feed is really beautiful. My username is louisseandbooks hihi hope we can be friends too.


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