Movie Review: Deadpool

If you haven’t heard about this movie yet, where have you been? It’s literally the one of the most talked about movies and anticipated releases in 2016!


Synopsis: Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a former Special Forces operative who now works as a mercenary. His world comes crashing down when the evil Ajax (Ed Skrein) tortures, disfigures and transforms him into Deadpool. The rogue experiment leaves Deadpool with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor. With help from mutant allies Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Colossus (Stefan Kapicic), Deadpool uses his new skills to hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

First Reactions

Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of the X-Men franchise or the story of the character, Deadpool. I mean I didn’t even know who he was so when everyone was hyping up about how amazing Deadpool was going to be or how they’ve been longing for this movie, I didn’t give a second thought.

In fact, I knew the little movie theatre I usually go to would be packed with Deadpool fans. It’s a small theatre. I didn’t want to be cramped next to people for close to two hours so I was actually debating with my friend on whether or not we should go watch the romantic comedy movie, “How to Be Single” than watch Deadpool.

Personal Rating: 4.5/5

What I liked about it

I enjoyed the directing of this entire movie. The movie was not afraid of breaking fourth walls or going story into a story into a story. It was crisp and cleanly done so that it stories felt rich with emotions. Unlike the 5th Wave, this movie was obviously made with a very high budget. The graphics were top-notch. It felt so real at some moments. You know that feeling you get when you’re sitting in the bathroom stall after you leave the theatre and you’re doing your business and for a brief moment, you think you’re the main character and holy shit you’re a badass mercenary? Well, yeah. This movie made me feel exactly that.

The other thing I really appreciated about this movie was the sense of humor. It’s Deadpool. He’s a hilarious character but the way the movie tied in with so many relevant pop culture jokes…it was simply glorious. I thought it was so clever from the moment the credits in the beginning of the movie graced the screen. And you can sure bet that I laughed when they mentioned Hugh Jackman or the X-Men series movies or the typical superhero franchises. To sum up, this movie was basically a superhero parody.

What you should be cautioned about…

It’s an action movie. Let’s start with the warning that with action movies, gore and violence will be a key factor in a lot of them. Unlike other Marvel movies, I found Deadpool to have more gore and violence than any other one recently released in the past 5 years. Most Marvel movies hint violence with extreme mutant superpowers or big explosions with large gasps of breath from characters. But Deadpool should have a warning that yes, blood appears on screen. Decapitations happen. Knives sticking into limbs occur. People do get shot in the head.

Aside from the occasional drips of blood, nudity is something that should be mentioned. If you’re planning to bring a younger sibling to watch Deadpool, boobies and naked curves and sex is a thing. This movie is definitely not something the entire family will be comfortable watching. Deadpool is definitely a more mature character for more mature fans.


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Deadpool

  1. I am so excited for this film. I love that Deadpool as a character doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously but still retains the action that people are so familiar with from Marvel films. I’m not the best with blood and gore but if I can survive Game of Thrones I’m sure I can survive this haha.


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