Book Review: The Unforgettable Hero by Valerie Bowman


Title: The Unforgettable Hero (Playful Brides #4.5)

Author: Valerie Bowman

Publisher: Swerve

Publication date: February 2nd 2016

Number of pages: 100

Synopsis: To escape a forced marriage to her loathsome, social-climbing cousin, Cecelia Harcourt banks on selling a romantic novel. But when she’s hit by a coach on the way home from meeting a potential publisher and loses her memory, the accident leads to an encounter with a fascinating man. . . who she’s convinced is the hero of her novel.

Due to his brother’s influence, Lieutenant Adam Hunt finds himself honorably discharged from the army. Adam intends to make his way in the world without the help of a war-hero duke, brother or no. He finds his plans for independence sidetracked by a chance encounter with a lady whose memory has gone. She believes he’s a hero. Can Adam become the man he was meant to be and fill that lofty role?

Disclaimer: An ebook was provided to me on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

My rating: 4/5

What I liked…

Let’s begin with the fact that I’m a huge fan of historical romance. I love the brooding dukes, the whimsical ladies, and the scandalous stolen kiss that results in a forced marriage because God only knows what a kiss could mean.

Note: None of the above happened in the book being reviewed in this post but there is a protective hero and a lovely heroine.

I guess what I really liked about this book aside from the genre is the premise of it all. A  woman under the protective care of a handsome man. The attraction between both characters. The temptation for Adam to give in to his desires of caressing Cecelia but not doing it because she thinks he’s someone he’s not and she is clearly not stable enough to handle the truth. It’s exactly the type of cheesiness I like in my romance novels because who wouldn’t want a man who’s so protective and loving??

Without spoiling too much, I also really liked the intimate scenes between Adam and Cecelia. I mean, sure, it felt kind of random and rushed because they’ve only known each other for a week at most and already she’s climbing eagerly into his bed but Valarie Bowman writes some steamy scenes. It was some good stuff despite being random.

What I didn’t like…

Okay, keeping in mind that this book is only 100 pages and is considered a novella, I’m being generous overall when I say I liked the book even with the really random and rushed ending. I felt like the events that happened towards the end were piled on too fast, too much, too soon.

Do I believe in the love both characters have for each other? No.

Do i believe in the mutual attraction and chemistry? Yes.

So, it’s really difficult to say that it makes sense for the ending to happen the way it ended but what can you do? Obviously, Valerie Bowman needed to complete a story involving two characters from her main series, “Playful Brides”, so it makes sense that it has a beginning, angsty middle, and a happily ever after.

I don’t blame her. The book was still cute, romantic, and hot.

I definitely recommend you to pick this one up and read it!


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