(rant)Pain of a book lover: Popular books

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I want to give everyone a little insight on my reading journey so far in my life. I fell really in love with reading in grade six but I started binge reading three years later in grade nine after my cousin thought she was doing me a favour by taking me out every Friday after school to the library. I’ve mostly read young adult / teen books during those youth filled years but I remember vividly when I really got into hardcore adult romance and soon erotica.

From around grade 10 to my beginning years of university, I have only been reading romance and erotica, deciding that young adult books were not for me anymore because I strongly believed I’ve grown out of that phase and I was far too old for that silly nonsense. That was until I started watching booktube (book bloggers on youtube) and realized the five or so short years that I boycotted young adult books,and claiming that they were filled with nothing but melodramatic nonsense, were five or so short years I’ve wasted. I threw myself back into young adult books, grabbed onto any I found in my local thrift shops, and paid loads on book websites like bookoutlet and amazon to get the latest “in trend” books.


Which leads me to the point of when a book is actually good or is it only presumed to be good because everyone loves it. You’ve seen this before. While scrolling through your instagram feed or someone else’s profile, you’re most likely to see the same book a couple of times at different angles or with different props laying beside it. Your curiosity peaks and soon, you’re researching about the book on Goodreads and then you’re buying the book on Amazon or from your local book retailer.

Now, it can go both ways. One way is that it totally and completely lives up to the hype of it all. The one mega booktuber on youtube with hundred and thousands of followers was right in recommending you this book because GOOD GOD IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING AND HOW DID YOU EVER LIVE WITHOUT IT? But then it can go the other way which is “okay but what the frick frack was that? And did I actually pay so much for it?” So you only do the rationale thing which is go back on youtube and unsubcribe the person because GOOD GOD THEY FAILED YOU.

The problem with not liking an book that everyone loves is you’re always left confused. Did you read the same book? Did they read the same book? Did I read it wrong? Did I not understand what was going on or did I skim too much like can someone please freaking help me out here???

And then finally, late at night, you’re lying in your bed and you’re just bitter because the book wasn’t that great or maybe you hated it and you just don’t understand why anyone would LIE TO YOU about it or why anyone would THINK IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING! You’re scrolling through the reviews on Goodreads on your phone and you’re contemplating whether or not to ask them what is wrong with me or my favourite, what is wrong with YOU!!!

The second problem with over-hyped books is that you’re contemplating on whether or not you should fall back into the same rabbit hole and buy the next popular book you see everywhere. Will you give into the temptation? Will you make the same mistake again? But then the little voice inside your head whispers, “this might be your next favourite.” Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd you’re back to square one where you whip out your credit card and you buy it just so you can jump onto the bandwagon and post lovely pictures of the pretty cover and review the book on your blog.

That, my friend, is the pain of a book lover.

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14 thoughts on “(rant)Pain of a book lover: Popular books

  1. So true, I don’t understand the hype sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just too old for a certain book, but then I remember that I still very much enjoy middle grade and have rarely been disappointed by middle grade books. I’ve started seeking out “older” BookTubers or BookTubers with tastes that don’t follow the trend as much. Not because I don’t respect young BookTuber’s opinions or because trends are bad, but because they honestly do add variety in regards to book recommendations and especially when it comes to reviews. I think it’s just become saturated with the more popular BookTuber or Bookstragramers (?) recommending the same thing.


      1. Sometimes I think I can tell when they’re not being honest. They give very vague, very general book reviews. I understand that it’s hard to speak badly about someone’s book, especially if you know them, but at the same time that’s the whole point! Honest reviews! *sigh*


  2. I know!! I hate it when I hate a book but it’s just so popular, which makes you feel like you are missing out on something! I love this topic, perhaps I’ll touch on it in a future post!! Thank you!!


  3. I love this post! I understand you, my friend! sometimes, it can be pretty uncomfortable to dislike a book that everyone seams to love, but the more bookish people I meet, the more times I find out there will always be at least one person who will have the same opinion as me.


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