Honestly, I don’t even know.

It’s the start of the new month which means that I have to beat my personal goal of reading a book a day. February is going to be a busy month simply because midterms happen towards the end so that means weeks of preparation before that. Thus, little to no reading time.

However, I’m still squeezing in bits of reading wherever I am despite being tired from going to a whole day of classes. I’m also sick so that’s fantastic.

The problem I have right now is that no story sticks to me. I’m starting and not finishing books which I hate a lot. I’m currently in the middle of reading these 4 books

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The book I read the most of is Me before you. I thought I was really going to push through and finish it in one sitting but i’m currently 55% of the way through (around 203 pages out of 369) and I’m growing a bit tired from the story. It was captivating at first but I think I need a break.

The second one that I’m almost close to finishing is poison study. I mean, I’ve heard fantastic things about it but so far, nothing is really happening.

Next is Arrows. It’s kind of hard for me to say if i like where it’s going so far. It’s kind of annoying to read because the writing is a little childish or maybe too simple.

Finally, Houston, we have a problem. I’m literally right before a sex scene and I just know it’s going to be super hot but I can’t bring myself to continue. Why? I have no idea.

Honestly, I think I’m just burning out after reading so many books/novellas in January. It’s bumming me out but maybe I should take a break? However, if i do take a break that means I won’t be reading a lot in february and that bums me out a lot more. UGH



28 thoughts on “Honestly, I don’t even know.

  1. Bhramori says:

    See, if you need to take a break, just take it. Because what you’re saying right now sounds like the beginning symptoms of a reading slump, girl. Reading slumps are bad. šŸ˜¦ You won’t feel like reading anything and if DO try to force yourself to read, you’ll mostly leave books unfinished. The only thing you can try is to go back to some old favourites of yours and attempt to read them. Do that until you get your interest back. And if that doesn’t work, just take a rest. Forget about your GR goal, you can always catch up later with a series of novellas. And honestly, I think it’ll be better this way since you’re gonna have your tests soon; you’ll need to focus on them, won’t you? Either ways, just don’t stress yourself out too much. šŸ˜ƒ


  2. Iridescence says:

    A book a day is amazing but its a bit too much. Even though I had exams for till 25th of Jan, I had read 22 books by then. I decided to take a break and blog, write book reviews and listen to music. Therefore, I’m not in a book slump. I suggest you read slowly; the challenge isn’t as important as enjoying reading.

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    • remarkablylisa says:

      Definitely!!! I get really competitive with myself and with others so I always constantly check other people’s challenges and see where they are currently at. It’s so destructive. But right now, I am totally mellowing out and not forcing myself to read constantly. A good movie is nice way to end the night.

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  3. sumaica says:

    I like to finish a book first and then start the next.
    Me Before You does get quiet ‘meh’ in the middle but stick it out, the ending is great.
    I love the cover of Arrows. So darn cute ! šŸ™‚


    • remarkablylisa says:

      Arrows does look cute!! But the writing is really basic so it’s getting hard to read. Oh well! The plot seems interesting though so definitely check it out on goodreads. And yes! I totally was that person who had to finish a book first but sometimes the book i start is really dry so i have to read another one. I finished Me Before You and put up a review! If you haven’t yet, check it out šŸ™‚


  4. Prima says:

    I’m having trouble sticking to one book too! You sound like your on the edge of a reading slump though :/ I always like to re-read my old favourites when this happens, brings back the reading feels. Ooo, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Poison Study šŸ˜€


  5. fiddlerblue says:

    I think you should not pressure yourself too much, maybe this read one book a day goal is stressing you out. Reading is supposed to be enjoyable for you! šŸ™‚ if you need to take a break, I think just go for it. No need to feel bad or guilty about it. Or if you don’t want to completely stop reading, maybe try the ff: 1) read one of your fave books 2) try a graphic novel or manga or 3) listen to an audiobook. Maybe you just need a break from the ones you are reading now. Good luck and I hope you find your reading stride once again!

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  6. Kat Impossible says:

    Oh man, it sometimes happens to me too that I start a book and then a couple others as well and then I don’t finish any of them in a timely manner. But interesting books, I really need to get to Me Before You sometime soon!


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