Movie Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic

I’m back with another movie review because I’ve lately just been wanting to watch Netflix more than read. I think it’s the beginning of a reading slump so i’m trying to kick it in the butt with changing of genres. As opposed to reading romance, I’ll be switching things up and reading a genre I don’t normally read which is…fantasy.

More about that later. Let’s crack on with the movie review!

Release: Feb 18 2009

Starring: Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy

Running time: 1 h 44 m

Synopsis: Like many New York City gals, Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) loves to shop. The trouble is, she shops so much that she is drowning in debt. Rebecca would love to work at the city’s top fashion magazine but, so far, has not been able to get her foot in the door. Then she lands a job as an advice columnist for a financial magazine owned by the same company. Her column becomes an overnight success, but her secret threatens to ruin her love life and career.

My rating: 5/5 stars

Why I liked it…

First of all, I love Sophie Kinsella novels and it was actually her Confessions of a Shopaholic movie that made me read her books. If I recall correctly, I watched the movie first then decided the book was exactly for me because I couldn’t stop dreaming about Hugh Dancy playing Luke Brandon. And when I read the book, I wasn’t disappointed that the movie was completely different or the book lacked in areas the movie thrived in but I was happy to say both were fantastic in their own way. It’s so different that it would be like comparing tomatoes to oranges. It doesn’t make sense.

With that being said, I love romantic comedies. I love the meet cutes, the dazed faraway look when someone falls in love, the big problem that stands in their way, and the enormous declarations of love. So, it’s basically all standard that Confessions of a Shopaholic would have all these factors but it’s executed well. Viewers are swept up in Becky’s spending habits as soon as the movie starts. We’re intrigued by her justifications of why she’s spending so much money. We’re laughing because she’s uncontrollably awkward in public situations. And we’re swooning because despite Hugh Dancy’s hair being longer than we really like, he’s got that british charm on screen.

Another reason why I thought this romantic comedy stood away from the rest was that every scene served its purpose. From the selection of music played during the scene to the bright colours of characters’ wardrobes. If you have read the series, you would also notice the little tie ins the movie has with the books. Luke starts his company ‘Brandon Communications’, Suze marries Tarquin, and Eleanor is a socialite. Everything made sense.

Should you watch it?

If you’re okay with the fact that Confessions of a Shopaholic is completely different from the book series then definitely watch this. If you’re in the mood for something light and romantic, this is one for you. But if you dislike romantic comedy, stay away!

That’s it for now! If you watched the movie and liked it, let me know!


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic

  1. Great review! I totally agree – you almost have to treat the book and the film like they’re completely different things, because they did change a lot of stuff. I read the first book about 12 years ago and it’s one of my favourite series, so I remember being a bit annoyed when I first saw the film because they changed some of the things I loved (like they made Becky’s parents completely different people, for example, and I found them so funny in the book), but in it’s own right I really enjoyed the film. Plus Hugh Dancy is indeed rather pretty 🙂


  2. I’m actually just about to pick up this book and read it, so I’m really glad you liked it! I really enjoyed the newest book too – Shopaholic to the Rescue – even though I hadn’t read any of the others.


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