Book Review: Hawaiian HeartBreak

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I am hear today because I have a book review for you to check out! It’s a new adult / adult contemporary romance featuring hot summer days, cute boys, and hot flings.


Book 1 in the Hawaiian Heartbreak series

Author: Libby Cole

Publication: Sept 2nd 2015

Pages: 108

Genre: Adult contemporary romance

Synopsis: What do you do when you meet someone who could be the love of your life, but to be together, one of you will have to give up everything?

Kayla’s had her time licking her wounds after her ex-boyfriend tipped her world upside down. Now she’s ready to take time out for herself on a dream vacation in Hawaii. If that won’t pull the shattered pieces of her heart back together, nothing will.

What she hadn’t planned on was falling for someone new. Especially someone tall, tanned, and distractingly sexy. What starts out as a fun holiday fling quickly turns into a full-blown love affair, with neither wanting to face up to the fact that the clock is ticking until Kayla has to return home.

The first book of three in the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy. This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to explicit sexual content.

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Disclaimer: I was contacted by the author and received her entire trilogy series in exchange for an honest review. Every opinion stated in this review is no way influenced because I received the books for free.

My rating: 3/5 stars

What I liked:

After I was contacted by Libby, I was pretty pumped for the premise of this book. The plot may have been done before or seen somewhere before but I’m a romantic at heart. I love cheesy plots. I love light contemporary romance that is fun to read on a particular hard day. And this book was exactly that.

If I were to be really honest, I would admit that the cover of the book increased my skepticism to the quality of the book and the plot itself because it doesn’t seem professionally done.But what’s the number one rule we were taught about books when we were young?

Never judge a book by it’s cover.

What I really liked about this book was that the writing style was better than I thought would be. No offense to Libby because she seems really nice (I talked to her for the first time yesterday), but I’ve read a good lot of books through Amazon Kindle that had poor writing that made me want to gauge my eyes out or I did not finish it at 20% because it was too annoying. So this is saying a lot when I tell you that you can finish this book.

Continuing with this thought, the writing was standard. It’s not going to blow your mind away from how she pieced each thought from each character or how she described the feelings you feel but don’t know how to express it in words like some other authors. However, I did appreciate Libby’s descriptive writing style at certain points in this novel because it felt like I was in Hawaii.

I wished it was Summer and I was on the hot tropical beaches, soaking up the sun, enjoying the waves, and the sights of hot tanned guys.

And for the readers who hate instalove romances, do not be alarmed! This book had Kayla and Jay fall in love in the slow hazy way because Libby paced herself very well. Libby added events to show passage of time and made the whole love organic and natural. Niceeee!!!

What I didn’t like or was iffy about…

We need to keep in mind that this book is relatively short. It can be classified as a novella if we were to really get down to the little bits of classification. Understanding that there are two more novels in the series that I haven’t read yet, I can admit this book was okay.

Nothing really happened in this book. It was Kayla and Jay meeting, talking, having some hot sex, and then insecurities and doubts rising towards the end. It felt flat and the angsty climax at the end was like a bump in the road and that was it. I expected something more dramatic or something that would urge me to jump to the next book on my ereader but I found myself satisfied to stop right there.

It’s one of those books where it’s not memorable and you’re okay with not continuing. However, because I got them from the Libby herself and with the considerations towards the length of the novel, I’m probably going to continue with the series to see if it does improve and become more dramatic.

Another aspect of the book that bugged me was the dialogue between characters. I get Kayla and Jay are trying to be cute with their love for puns but it was funny to me and it kind of was lame to read. The dialogues in general felt forced and unrealistic.

Should you read it?

Definitely read it if you’re into adult contemporary romance with hot sex! I recommend it to anyone who needs a light/fluffy read after a heavy novel they’ve just read. And if you don’t like romance or you’re don’t particularly care about contemporary issues involving self doubt, then skip it.





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