Monday Movies: The Voices

I know most of you guys probably followed me for bookish related things but I love movies! And whenever I watch  one worth noting, I just think it deserves more than my silent praise. So that is why I’m posting movie reviews or movie suggestions on my blog for you to read so you can pick out something to watch on Netflix or online when you’re bored or whatever.

This movie stars Ryan Reynolds.

Enough said.

Okay, I’m joking to the people who kind have indifferent feelings for Ryan Reynolds but he has a mighty fine body and his acting in this movie was top notch, sailor!


Synopsis: A mentally unhinged factory worker called Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) must decide whether to listen to his talking cat and become a killer, or follow his dog’s advice to keep striving for normalcy.

Release date: Oct 3rd 2014

Running Time: 1 H 47 M

What I thought about this movie walking in…

Honestly, I never watched a serious movie with Ryan Reynolds in it. I’ve only watched his romantic comedy or chick flick movies with fluffy feelings but this one caught my attention when I scrolled through United Kingdom Netflix. It caught my attention because a) it starred Ryan Reynolds, b) the mini poster was him looking into a fridge with Anna Kendrick’s head on one of the shelves.

Like it just screams intriguing!

After reading the synopsis above, I prepared myself for a dry kind of horror type film where Ryan would be this gruesome serial killer with no emotion or personality. What I got was awesome cinematography, perfect acting, and a new found appreciation for comedy horror.

Under wikipedia, this movie is classified as a comedy horror because of it’s light take on normally disturbing scenes such as decapitation, blood, and disposal of bodies. There is shades of light humor mixed in with the characters but nothing too hilarious because the film shows the seriousness of Ryan’s character suffering a severe mental illness.

Why this movie is good…

If you watch the film, every scene is brightly coloured. Ryan is wearing bright hot pink, Anna is wearing warm tones, and backgrounds/scenes are bubble gum colours. It’s very pleasing to the eyes to say the least. The compare and contrast to what Ryan’s character thinks is happening and what is really happening is beyond interesting because there are people who do suffer this reality bending disease. I thought it was so clever for the director to use choices of colours, props, lighting, etc. to really emphasize the dramatic differences between reality and make believe.

The movie tied in very nicely. For example, a small scene about free pizza at weekly meetings to the stacks of pizza boxes in Ryan’s character’s house at the end of the movie means that he’s been collecting free pizza for so many weeks now.

If you haven’t realized how much I appreciate Ryan Reynolds as a man, I’m going to keep going and tell you why I appreciate him even more now. I kind of doubted his acting skills or more so that he never proven his worth to me as an actor in all the films I’ve watched him in. But this one? This one takes the whole cake. He was able to reduce himself to a vulnerable little boy in seconds. He cried. His chin wobbled from emotions. His voice went squeaky in all the right places. He went hard and strict in seconds. He was perfection.

Why you should/shouldn’t watch the movie

A fair warning to people who have trigger warnings is there is blood in this movie. There are decapitations (off-screen), scenes where he is stabbing someone, or sawing off limbs of dead bodies. If you’re  uncomfortable with this sort of movie, don’t watch it.

But if you’re okay and you find these scenes to be standard for movies in this genre, I highly recommend it for you to watch. You’ll be happy to find this gem on Netflix.

That’s it for now folks but if you want to read more of my movie recommendations, comment down below and let me know!



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