Saturday: Movie Night

I am back with a fun post because I just watched two netflix movies and completely ignored the book I’m currently reading (Houston, we have a problem by Erin Mccarthy) and the work I have to do for school.

BUT. I would just like to let you know that at least the two movies were good.

So on this semi-late saturday night on your reader feed, I present to you the movie

Synopsis: A teacher with paranormal powers helps a group of teenage spirits graduate from high school.

Release: Feb 3 2012

Time: 1 h 29 m

My thoughts and why you should watch it…

This movie is available on American Netflix. Entitled Ghost Education, it’s a quirky tale of Modesto, a reserved high school teacher that can see ghosts. After the high school suffers incidents caused by the group of ghosts, Modesto is asked by the lovely principal to help them move into the light.

At first, I thought this movie was in english because, well, everyone is white and Netflix doesn’t really tell you if the movie is subtitled in the movie blurb they give you. But it’s not. It’s in Spanish because the film was produced and presumably from Spain.

However, it was a pleasure to focus all my attention on it unlike other movies where I usually scroll through my phone or text with the movie playing on my laptop as background noise. I thought this movie would be kind of dark or dry because of its context but it was light, witty, and really funny sometimes. I absolutely fell for the actor, Raul Arevalo, who played Modesto because he was just this tall, lanky, awkward guy that had scruff on his face. He reminded me so much of a lovesick puppy and I just–I can’t.


The cinematography was great, the actors were great, the plot was standard but great, and it’s just great if you watch it.

I rate this movie a solid 5 stars on my Netflix or is it 4 stars? Oh well. It’s not my favourite movie of 2016 but it’s good enough for me to remember how that one spanish film had that cute puppy actor. 🙂

Comment down below any movies you would love for me to watch because it’s one of your faves!



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