Romantic But Still Strong

Let’s talk about how I’m personally a romantic. I yearn for the dramatic love stories gracing the pages of my books and I choke up when I watch romantic grand gestures on movie screens.  To sum it up, I get my high on romance.

It’s the reason why I beeline to the romance section of a bookshop or I crouch my body inwards a bit when I’m craving a hot erotic story in the erotica section. My belly bubbles up with nervous excitement and my chest feels achingly good when I curl up in bed to read one I picked up.  I live and breathe romance despite not ever having one single boyfriend or romantic fling. A little sad, maybe? But who cares. That’s another rant I’m going to talk about later if someone decides to fight me and call me a loser.

From what I’ve read on forums and comments posted by others on Goodreads is that readers nowadays want strong female heroines that can take care of themselves, beat up the bad guy, and have a fully fleshed out story by the author. I agree with all of this. I want a heroine with enough story to make me care and to have her have a comparable story to the hero himself. Often at times, the hero gets a better story than the heroine. For example, the hero had a dark past filled with emotional abuse by his father but then the heroine will only be running away from her problems because she’s too scared of commitment. It can be argued that both stories can be weighted the same but the hero definitely has a more thrilling tale if the author doesn’t put too much effort into the heroine’s.

What I’m really trying to say here is that I like romance novels because while I know for a fact that I have to be able to financially support myself and to be able to take care of myself in other ways, it’s nice to dive into the fictional world where everything is handled by someone else. Like all my problems and worries are shared between my significant other and me so that the burden isn’t always on my shoulders. Because when I’m beat up from a terrible day at school or just a terrible day in general, I would want my future boyfriend to hug me fiercely and tell me everything will be alright just like my fictional boyfriends does.

Just because I like romance doesn’t mean I’m weak. I’m a firm believer that if my boyfriend was an asshole to me, I’ll call him out on it, and possibly, kick his ass for it. And if he were too controlling or possessive, I wouldn’t shy away and let him walk all over me like a doormat. Don’t get me wrong! There are so many romance novels out there that have strong willed female characters out there but like with all books, you just need to do a little digging to find the right one.

There are many readers out there who don’t like romance for their own reasons. I’m not really too familiar with exactly why but if you are one of these readers, please comment below and let me know what you actually think. 



6 thoughts on “Romantic But Still Strong

  1. I’m not one for romance books, just because nearly all the ones I’ve read are cheesy and make me cringe. BUT if the romance is woven into a fantasy book, I’m all over it (if it’s written well). It’s definitely not a bad thing to like romance books though…I kind of wish I did so that I had more books to choose from haha!


    1. I get what you mean about the cheesy factor!!! I read these short books from a series called Harlequin and it’s literally the same idea over and over again with few tweaks here and there but I’m all over it. It just makes my head tick. That’s what it matters I guess! But sometimes I’m all for dry novels that have no romance because then I can focus on other things such as the characters themselves rather than waiting for the kiss to happen. 🙂

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  2. I completely agree with this sentiment: “strong female heroines that can take care of themselves, beat up the bad guy, and have a fully fleshed out story” are really important! That’s the difference between an okay book and an amazing book. Case in point I’m LOVING the Angelfall trilogy at the moment and I’m only mildly interested in Burning Sky – where the heroine turns to mush in the face of the prince and becomes a complete wimp!!

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