I personally find starting new blogs exciting.

It’s like a clean slate. A white canvas. A fresh word document with no words or punctuation that marks the pale screen.

With one post, I can make this blog something I will be really proud of down the road or something that I will never, ever, EVER, admit to even if someone steals my newborn child and threatens to only give me back my babe if I admit I created this page (maybe that’s a little extreme).

But anyways, you must get the point by now. I’m excited for the new things to come because I firmly believe I have important things to say. And I feel like many of you will find my things interesting or at least something that can pass the time while you’re waiting for the bus or the last few minutes to pass before you slowly fall asleep. Of course, if you’re a writer or a blogger, you’re probably no different from me. The blunt truth is that writers write because they think their words are meant to be heard.

So! Where do we move on from here? Well, I plan for this blog to express my personal thoughts–whatever they might be. I also plan to review books and expand on books that really left an impression on me.

Give me a follow if you think I’m worth hearing & I’ll try my best to not bore you to death.


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