This is my first official blog post and I’m super excited to be here!

Sadly, I’m more familiar with popular blogging side Tumblr instead of WordPress but I feel that WordPress may feel more professional.

Over time I will add more content to this page and give something interesting for you lovely people to read. You can expect book reviews, book discussions, photography, and personal posts made by moi.

Follow me if you think this might be the blog for you!



13 thoughts on “Greetings!

      1. That makes sense–I’m sure it took a lot of us a bit of time to figure out our grooves and what sort of things we wanted to post, so no worries! Really, just have fun with it–it shouldn’t be stressful! 😀


      2. Yes!! Totally agree. I’m more used to tumblr instead of wordpress so this is a healthy change haha. I’m trying to pull myself away from this mostly cause I’m always addicted to shiny new things and it’s totally distracting me from real work. Oh, dear. the troubles of a blogger.

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      3. Aw noes! That’s no good! I like tumblr, but I never really feel comfortable doing more than just reblogging things over there, so wordpress was a good shift for me personally–it’s given me the chance to interact with other bookish people the way I don’t feel I can on tumblr. Hopefully it doesn’t pull you TOO far away from real work, though!


      4. Aw that sounds awesome!! I personally had to step away from Tumblr because it was kind of negative over there and I didn’t like people knowing what I did. It sounds weirder and more public than it seems but wordpress was a fresh start for me. Do you have any tips in finding cool pals on this website? I find it kind of difficult to find new blogs to check out and follow :/

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      5. Oh no! I’m so sorry that happened and was stressing you out–that’s no good! I can see how that might be a thing, though–there are some really mean, negative people on tumblr.

        You’re already doing a great job, just by browsing and leaving comments! Let’s see… If you go to my “About Me” page, there are a TON of awards there with links to other awesome bloggers–feel free to take a look at the names listed at the end of those and see if any of them strike your “cool blog” fancy!


      6. aww man thanks so much!! i was seriously doubting wordpress already cause i was like okay but how do i interact with people and build something. With your comments, I feel so accepted and welcomed. You’re awesome!

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      7. Hey, I was in your shoes not too long ago–we all were! So no worries–anytime you have questions or whatnot, feel free to ask. Also, you’re awesome, too! 🙂 Hopefully you find some other awesome people to follow and obsess with!

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  1. I gave you a kind of welcome message but now I’m going to leave it in your blog.
    Welcome!! I hope you have a great time blogging and find this community as amazing as I think it is and I can’t wait to read more of your posts! 😀


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